Ten Best Car Buffers 2020 – The Ideal Car Polishing Tool

As a car owner, you need to take adequate care of your auto at all times. Normally, taking care of an automobile encompasses ensuring that the vehicle is regularly serviced and well cleaned. Well, many people love to have their vehicles appear well groomed and with that showroom shine.

Unfortunately, if you are not well informed, the process of cleaning your auto, especially the windows and the exterior body surfaces can prove tedious if not effectively handled. One of the ways that you can avoid the hassle is taking your automobile to a detailer where it can be professionally cleaned without scratching the window glasses and paintwork. However, this approach can prove very expensive since you will require doing it regularly.

The best alternative is, therefore, to invest in one of various models of car window cleaners that can ensure that your auto achieves that sparkling finish at any one give time. In fact, most of the detailers use pneumatic and electric buffers to achieve those results. All you need is your own car buffer that you can use any time you feel that your car needs cleaning.

The following are some reviews of some of the best car buffers available, and the information to guide your purchase:


Porter Cable 7424XP 6-Inch Variable Speed Polisher

This is one of the best car buffers in the market today. The model has outstanding features and precision that makes it desirable to anyone interested in a simple but effective auto cleaning implement.

The buffer features an advanced motor that enables it to generate faster orbiting speeds hence allowing the equipment up to 6, 800 oscillations per minute (OPM). The oscillations are perfectly suited for scratch removal and deep polishing. The buffer’s large motor size allows you to apply more pressure on the car surface that you are cleaning without having to fret about burning out or overheating the motor.

Strengths of the model

• Top rated performance without any adverse effect on the paint or glass surface
• Generates a lot of power from the 2500-36800 oscillations per minute
• Lower prices considering its level of performance
• A high degree of compatibility since it works with all hooks and loop pads
• Speed in terms of OPMs can be varied using an electronic variable-speed dial
• Features a two removable two-position handle
• Graciously compact and weighs just 5.5 pounds


• The buffer does not have a backing plate
• Too much regard for the paint job makes the buffer less effective in removing deeper scratches



Dewalt DWP849X Variable Speed Polisher

DeWalt proves their versatility and reliability of their tools yet again through the Dewalt DWP849X variable speed polisher. The buffer is designed with the needs of both amateur and car proessionals in mind. The model utilizes an all-ball bearing design which it one of the most durable car window cleaners in the market today.

Strengths of the model

• It has a reliable 12-amp motor
• Faeatues a controlloed finishing system that allows you to execute a soft start operation and progress in response to the surface you are cleaning
• Has an electronic speed variable control module that you can use to regulate speed in the range of 600-3500 revolutions per minute
• Compact build with a total weigt of only 6.7 pounds making easy to carry
• Has a Non Mar Rubber Gear Case, which makes your grip firm while working onn your car
• Features a wool ingestin shield that prevent wool accumulation while cleeaning your car and subsequently increases the service life of the implement
• Suited for use not only on cars, but on a wide variety of surfcaes including boats among othres


• Some of its plastic parts might burn following extensive use
• Might developing overheating problems especially due to buffer’s pronounced capabilities



TORQ TORQX Random Orbital Buffer Kit

The TORQ TORQX random orbital buffer kit is among the leading car window cleaners you can find in the market today. The buffer’s design and features are especially suitable for who have no or little car polishing experience. The model has easy to use functions that can be easily operated by beginners.


• Features a powerful motor that requires 700 watts to run and capable of removing stubborn scratches and stains that are difficult to remove
• A sturdy heavy-duty design that makes the model durable and suitable for long-term use
• Features the soft start function meaning you can regulate speeds within the range of 1200-4200 revolutions per minute
• You can read the set speed on a display panel, which makes the buffer more easy to operate
• The random orbit action makes the buffer more suitable for removal of defects like scratches, watermarks, stains, and swirls among others
• Applies glaze, sealant and wax in a matter of minutes


• The buffer is not well adapted to remove deep scratches on car windows and other surfaces
• Not recommended for professional use due to its incapacity to effect detailed polishing



Carrand 94001AS AutoSpa 10 Inch Orbital Professioal Buffer

The Carrand 94001AS Auto-Spa buffer is the perfect for the the bright showroom appearance of your car. The model features dual grip handles fitted with contours that make it safe and secure for grips. The design is particularly suited for executing detailed work accurately. Additionally, the auto-spa buffer has a motor that effects low vibrations that make the model easy to use.

Strengths of the Model

• The models features a 3-layer foam pad fitted with a moisture barrier. The feature increases the lifespan of the polisher since it prevents rusting of the metallic components
• Comes with a package of foam wax, micro fiber buffing pad, and a polish applicator bonnet
• Motor operates at a constant speed of 3500 revolutions per minute, which enables it to effectively remove swirl marks, water or mineral deposits, and light scratches
• Suitable for use on various surfaces including car windows and metallic surfaces


• It is relatively noisy in comparison to other similar models
• Operates within a fixed speed of 3500 rpm



Meguiar G3500 DA Power System Tool

The Meguiar G3500 DA Power System Tool is the perfect buffer if you are interested in a multipurpose polisher. Whether you have little or no experience when it comes to polishing your car, you can learn to use the buffer for more than one use in your household garage.

The buffer is drill activated and has to be attached to a drill in order to rotate. Consequently, you can use the polisher with most of the household drills, especially the 3/8 inch corded drills.


• Can be used with most household drills
• Has adjustable speeds in the range of 1200-2500 revolutions per minute
• Suitable for a variety of surfaces including your car windows, tiles, interiors, even on carpets
• Features a dual action mode that introduces the capacity to remove stains and swirls or streaks left by previous waxes
• Utilizes compounding power pads that removes oxidation and other defects
• Compact and easy to use weighing about 1.32 pounds only.


• You need to attach the polisher to a drill for it to work
• The pads wear out and might require regular replacements



Milwaukee 5460-6

The Milwaukeee 5460-6 is an outstanding buffer with respect to its versatile design that make it suitable for the most intense polishing tasks. The design of the model ensures that you will have it around for many years if well maintained.


• Suitable for most intense jobs
• Powerful motor that allows the buffer to remove the deepest scratches
• Has promiment well designed controls that make the buffer easy to operate
• Built tough to last long under extreme conditions
• Variable-speed adjuster with optimum speeds of up to 2800 revolutions per minute


• The strong motor is relatively noisy
• The buffer is also relatively expensive when compared with similar designs



Ryobi P435 One+Orbital Buffer

The Ryobi P435 One+ orbital buffer has some outstanding features that you are unlikely to find in most car polishers. The orbital buffer is cordless, which makes it particularly portable and easy to use if you wish to avoid the constraints imposed by buffers that use cords while polishing your car.


• The buffer is cordless and runs using an 18V lithium-ion battery. Specific RYOBI batteries compatible with the model last to up to an hour, which is more than ample time to polish your car
• The orbital action feature prevent swirling or streaking, and removes scratches from all surfaces of your car
• Features a rubber overmold that enhances your grip and makes the outcome of your work more precise
• Extremely easy to use and features double bonnets; one for buffing and the other one functions as an applicator
• Operates at an optimum speed of 3500 revolutions per minute


• The buffer does not feature variable speeds
• Not recommended to professionals or for precion work



MATCC Polishing Buffer

The MATCC polishing buffer comes in 5 pieces of 6 inch polishing buffer wool and velcro wheel, as well as a polishing pad and waxing pads. The kit also includes a M14 drill adapter. The kit is particularly suited for all your car and household polishing needs, considering that you need to use drill.


• Lightweight kit, which is easy to assemble and use
• The buffer utilizes fine lamb wools that allow you to polish your car surfaces to their glossiest without causing any damage
• The implement is well designed and adapted for buffing or polishing surfaces of cars, glass, ceramic and even stone
• Features 3 polishing buffer wool that you choose from, and they can be interchanged or reused
• Can used in electric or pneumatic polishing machines


• Will require that use a drill in order to operate effectively



Black & Decker WP900 Random Orbit Waxer-Polisher

The Black & Decker WP900 random orbit waxer-polisher is designed for both professional and amateur car enthusiasts. This is a fast and top-quality polisher designed for heavy duty projects, although you can use it even for small car polishing tasks. Black & Decker have a reputation for developing innovative, durable and top-performance implements, and this buffer fits the profile perfectly.


• Features the random orbital action that allows it to allowing annoying scratches and stains on the surface of your car without leaving any swirls or streaks
• The buffer has two handles equipped with rubber grips, an addition that improves your grip and enables you to work on massive surfaces without tiring easily
• Operates at the speed of 4500 revolutions per minute
• Features a 10-foot cord, which allows you to work small and large vehicles with ease
• The implement has two polishing and one application bonnet
• Compact build weighing only 2.05 pounds
• Suitable for all car surfaces, including metal and glass


• The buffer speed cannot be varied
• The polisher does not feature any wool shield, hence it requires careful handling so as not to harm surfaces being polished.



WEN 6010 6-Inch Waxer-Polisher

If you are a serious enthusiast about the appearance of your car and intend to keep polishing its surfaces regularly, this is the buffer to select. The WEN 6010 is a high-performance buffer equipped with a permanent magnet motor powered by 120V power supply. Consequently, the implement is well suited for heavy duty polishing and waxing tasks.


• The buffer operates at exceptional speed of 4000 revolutions per minutes making it particularly fast
• High versatility due to its ability to buff and polish all surfaces of your car, as well as tiles and metallic surfaces among others
• Features dual grip, which allows you to utilize both your hands while working for extra accuracy and security
• The start button can be locked in place eliminating the need for you to hold it down all the time while working
• The random orbital action ensures that the buffer does not leave any streaks or swirl marks on your car surfaces, especially the windows.


• Has no option to vary the speed
• The power supply feature is relatively low in comparison to its expected level of performance


Overall, people have differing needs when it comes to polishing or buffering cars. However, whatever your needs might be, you can rest assured you can find a perfect match among the featured list. Whether you want to purchase car window cleaners or buffers for other surfaces of your vehicle, always ensure that the implement meets the relevant standards for a perfect smooth and shiny appearance.

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