Best Car Seat Cushions For A Comfy Ride – Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

While car manufacturers often go to great lengths to make their seats as cozy as possible, it’s impossible to cater to the needs of everyone. Whether you’re going about your daily commute or cruising on the open highway for a long drive, it’s important to be comfortable. Not only will you be able to enjoy your drive more, but comfortable seating can help you stay safe. So what are you supposed to do if your car seats just aren’t cutting it?

Seat cushions are a great investment for anyone. They let you add an extra layer of comfort and protection to your seats. With the right cushion, you can adequately support your body as you drive. You’ll notice a significant difference in your back, bottom, and leg muscles.

High-quality cushions are specifically designed to target common high-pressure areas as you sit. They can be made from orthopedic materials and often have a contoured shape that fits your body like a glove. There are many great products on the market today. Here are some great options to get you started on your search.


1. ComfiLife Gel-Enhanced Seat Cushion

This portable cushion from ComfiLife is great for those seeking relief from back pain. It’s specifically designed to increase comfort and improve your posture. The uniquely shaped cushion is contoured and features a cutout to keep pressure off of your tailbone. It’s a great option for everyday driving.

The cushion is almost three inches thick. It’s mostly made out of high-density memory foam. On top of the foam, there’s a cooling layer of gel. The foam is covered by a comfortable velour material. On the bottom, you’ll find a non-slip rubber coating. The cover can be removed for easy washing thanks to the side zipper. There’s also a transport handle, allowing you to take the cushion from car to car.

Tailbone cutout
Thick memory foam
Cooling gel
Contoured shape

Doesn’t accomodate seat bolsters
Relatively small in size


2. Domic Car Seat Cushion Pad

This car seat cushion is large enough to cover standard front seats. It also has a paneled design that’s similar to what you would find on your car seats. As a result, the pad complements bucket-style seating without any issues.

It’s made of memory foam for ultimate comfort. It’s covered in water, stain, and oil-resistant material. The cover material is also breathable for better ventilation. The bottom is designed to prevent skidding with silica gel dots. The various layers are sandwiched together with reinforced synthetic material and heavy stitching.

Breahtable cover material
Fits bucket-style seats
Memory foam
Non-slip bottom

Thin padding
Can’t remove cover


3. SoftaCare Seat Cushion

With about three inches of memory foam, this seat cushion can keep you comfortable no matter where you’re driving. The bottom is shaped for better posture. There’s a raised section in the front, leg contours for your thighs, and a cutout for tailbone relief. The cover is completely removable and made of plush velour. The bottom has a non-slip coating for security.

It comes with a separate lumbar cushion. It has rear straps that make positioning a breeze. The dramatic curve of the back cushion can keep your back straight and supported. A mesh panel is also sewn in to keep the sweat at bay.

Thick memory foam
Removable cover
Included back cushion
Comfortable velour cover

Bottom cusion doesn’t have ventilation
Lumbar straps may slide


4. Fortem Car Seat Cushion

Despite its lightweight and portable design, this cushion from Fortem is packing a lot of great comfort features. It’s a U-shaped cushion that can provide you with some much-needed tailbone relief on those long drives. Like some other cushions on this list, it’s contoured to meet your body’s curves as you sit.

The cover is made of velour. It’s removable for easy washing and has rubber dots on the bottom to prevent slippage. The bulk of the cushion is made of over two and a half inches of orthopedic memory foam.

Thick memory foam
Tailbone cutout
Removable cover with handle
Light and easy to move
May be too small for some car seats
Doesn’t work with side bolsters


5. Conformax Cocoon of Comfort Gel Car Cushion

Support your entire body with this large cushion from Conformax. Instead of using traditional foam, this cushion has a thin layer of soothing gel. The gel relieves pressure points throughout your back and behind. The gel is covered with a breathable mesh fabric. It’s a two-way stretch material that is waterproof for enhanced durability.

The cushion covers not only the bottom of the seat but also the back. Numerous straps are included to keep the entire cushion secure. A top loop goes around the headrest while adjustable straps on the sides ensure that it can fit any seat.

Provides back and bottom comfort
Large size
Waterproof and breathable material
Numerous security straps
No memory foam
May not work on bolstered seats
Can’t remove the cover



6. Flexispot Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This donut-style seat cushion can keep your spine aligned throughout your drive. It’s contoured to fit your body. Not only that, but the thick cushion curves upward, essentially wrapping around your bottom. It has a cutout in the middle for tailbone relief and a raised rear for maximum support.

The cushion has not one, but two covers. The outer cover is made of a plush material. It’s removable and machine-washable. On the bottom, there’s also non-skid dots. Inside the outer cover, there’s a breathable dacron sleeve. The cushion is made of thick memory foam to get a custom fit. Flexispot also throws in an extra outer cover so that you’re always ready to use the cushion.

Thick memory foam
Contoured design
Wedge shape
Dual-cover design
May be too small for some drivers
Doesn’t accommodate seat bolsters


7. Clever Yellow Car Seat Cushion

The Clever Yellow seat cushion has some smart design elements. It’s shaped like a wedge. The rear portion is elevated to provide more support. Even with the slope, the cushion features subtle contouring for your thighs. Instead of a cutout, this cushion has a dropped tailbone section. This innovative design relieves pressure while still providing support.

The cover is made of breathable mesh to keep the cushion ventilated. Inside, the memory foam also has large holes that allow air to path through without any issues. An adjustable strap on the back keeps the cushion secure while you drive.

Wedge shape
Tailbone relief
Breathable foam
Secure straps
Removable mesh cover
May not be large enough to cover entire seat


8. FeaGar Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This seat cushion doesn’t just provide tailbone relief, but it also keeps it aligned. The rear portion of the cushion is raised so that it extends up your tailbone. This design element complements the long cutout in the middle. The cushion features exaggerated contours for your bottom and thighs.

Breathable mesh covers the foam. The material is easy to slide on and works to prevent heat buildup as you sit on it. The bottom has a non-slip design. The entire cover can be removed and thrown in the washer for easy cleaning.

Over five inches thick
Dramatic contours
Removable cover made of mesh
Designed for tailbone alignment and increased blood flow
Under 15 inches long
May be too high for taller drivers
Car Seat Cushion Buyer Guide

One of the biggest advantages of a car seat cushion is that they allow you to customize your comfort levels according to your needs and preferences. Because they’re designed for personal comfort, you will find a wide range of cushions at your disposal. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Instead of selecting the first one you come across, use this buying guide to find a cushion that’s right for you. Here are some things you should consider.


Cushion thickness is often overlooked. It’s an important consideration that will affect your comfort in a number of different ways. When it comes to supporting your body, thick cushions are always best. Thin options won’t make much of a difference, especially once your weight is applied. Typically, cushions should be anywhere between two and four inches thick.

You should also take your own height and size into consideration. If you’re a relatively petit person, a cushion on the thicker side of the scale will be no problem. However, if your head is already touching the ceiling, that same cushion will create more issues you need to deal with.

Cushion Material

Just like standard pillows, cushions can be made from a number of materials. You can easily find products filled with loose cotton, standard closed-cell foam, or memory foam. More affordable options utilize a loose fill. While these types of cushions provide some level of support, they will often diminish in quality as time goes on.

Closed-cell foam is similar to what you would find in a couch cushion. It’s a simple foam material that’s capable of holding its shape. Like loose fill, traditional foam is notorious for losing its shape and becoming damaged over time. One advantage of closed-cell foam is that its relatively affordable and can be contoured to follow the curves of your body.

Finally, there’s memory foam. Often considered to be one of the best material options out there, memory foam is a dense material that automatically adjusts to you. There’s a reason why its used in everything from mattresses to pet beds. It can support your body and provides a custom fit each time you step inside your car. Many cushions also utilize gel, which adds another layer of comfort.


Car seat cushion manufacturers offer a wide range of shapes to tackle specific comfort needs. The cushion material is sculpted to complement your body’s curves. This can help reduce pressure and increase blood flow to your lower extremities.

One popular design incorporates a U-shaped cutout or donut. The cutout is located towards the rear of the cushion. It’s meant to relieve pressure off your tailbone. Your tail bone simply floats above the seat while your bottom makes contact with the cushion. Ultimately, this unique design can reduce back pain and discomfort.


Not all car seats are shaped the same, so you’ll want to ensure that your seat cushion is the right size. It can be uncomfortable and dangerous to sit on a cushion that hangs off of the end of the seat.

In addition to finding the correct size, you’ll want to pay close attention to the overall shape of the seat. While older cars utilized a standard bench-style seat, most modern vehicles have bucket-style seats. Bucket seats have thick bolsters on both sides. They’re designed to hug your body around curves and turns. If your car has these, you need to choose a cushion that accommodates them.

Cover Materials

The material that covers the actual cushion will be what your body touches each time you get into your car. While it may not seem like such a huge deal, certain materials are a lot more comfortable than others. Cotton and jersey materials are notorious for stretching and losing their shape. They can slide around, causing the seat cushion to move. Smooth and silky materials, such as polyester or velour, are ideal.

It’s also good to have a cover that’s breathable. Some cushions, such as those made of memory foam, can hold onto your body heat. This can lead to some uncomfortable sweating. A high-quality mesh is great for keeping the cushion ventilated and cool all year long.


The last thing you want to deal with while you’re driving is a sliding seat cushion! It’s a good idea to go with a product that has some form of security. One way that manufacturers prevent slipping is with a non-skid bottom. The bottom can be covered in neoprene, silicone, or rubber. These materials grip onto the seat upholstery to keep the cushion stable. Another security option is straps. Seat straps can be used to tie the cushion down.

Maintenance Features

Your seat cushion is going to be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. There will be a time when you want to take it out of your car and clean it. Consider how easy this will be when you’re looking at a particular cushion. Does it have numerous straps? Can you take it from one car to another? Can it be washed? These simple things can make a big difference in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Anyone Use a Car Seat Cushion?

A: Most car seat covers are designed to be used by anyone. Yet, many also come with weight limitations. You can still use a cushion if you are a bit heavier than the limitations. However, the support and comfort you receive may not be adequate. Foam and gel compress when weight is applied. The limitations indicate how much weight the foam can handle before the contours flatten completely. Most thick cushions have a limit of 300 pounds or more.

Q: Will All Cushions Fit on Every Seat?

A: Vehicle seats are all made differently. Therefore, not every cushion is going to fit perfectly. It’s important to take accurate measurements of your seat dimensions to find an option that fits. If you get one that’s too small or too big, you may feel more discomfort than before.

Q: Can I Leave a Seat Cushion in the Car?

A: If you live in a moderate climate, you can leave the cushion in the car all year long. However, in hotter environments, the cushion is at risk for damage. Foam is affected by heat. If the cushion is left in a hot car all day, it can sink in and lose its shape.

Q: Can Foam Be Washed?

A: Foam should never be washed. As mentioned earlier, heat can ruin foam. Memory foam will lose its shape and support in a washing machine. You should only wash the cover and leave the foam alone.

Q: Does the Seat Position Need to Be Adjusted Before Installation?

A: This depends on your weight and the design of the cushion. Lighter drivers tend to experience a slight lift when a thick cushion is used. If that’s the case, you may need to back the seat up a bit. Generally, the lift the cushion provides won’t create much of a difference in seating position.

Q: Can Car Seat Cushions Be Used in the Back?

A: Most cushions are versatile enough to be used in the back seat. You can provide your passengers with additional support or take the cushion with you whenever you’re not behind the driver’s seat.


Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain caused by a medical condition or you’re simply looking for some relief for long road trips, a car seat cushion may be the solution you’re after. A great cushion can support your body, improve your posture, and reduce pain on the road. With the numerous options available, you’ll have no problem finding a cushion that’s right for your car and needs.