Best Garage Heaters 2020 – Keeping You Warm While You Work

Most of us love undertaking various projects in the garage. You may set up a musical stand, a workshop, or undertake other activities in the space. Despite your desire to work on your project, the chilly weather may kill your morale. This is why we thought of featuring garage heaters in our article.

The best garage heaters will keep you warm and enhance your ability to keep working. However, you need to identify the best models with respect to the power output, size of your garage, power source, safety features, and adjustability.

Below are our top 8 garage heaters that are currently in the market!

Reviews of the best garage heaters


Dr Infrared Heater DR-988 Garage Shop Heater

This garage heater might just be the best in the market. It operates at 208/240V and features a power output level of 4800/5600W. It comes with 6-30R plug.

You can use it to heat up to 600 square feet of space efficiently so that you can stay warm through the chilly season.

With it, you can get temperatures of between 45°F and 95°F. It is designed with an auto overheat cut-off protection for safety reasons.

It also has a thermostat control that stops the heating process automatically when the required room temperature is attained. It will then start all over if it senses that the temperatures have fallen.



It is Ul and C-UL listed.
It is efficient for large garages since it’s fan-forced.


Some users argue that it stopped heating and would overheat after just a few months of use.



Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MHU50NG Garage heater

This might just be the best natural gas unit heater. Its power output is about 50,000 BTU per hour. It is ideal for heating up to 1,250 square foot.

Its spark ignition comes with a self-diagnostic control module. The heater further features 2 brackets for ceiling mount and adjusting the direction of heat.

Its design can be described as low profile since you can install it easily in low-ceiling buildings. The manufacturer recommends a clearance of 8 feet from the garage floor to the base of this heater.

There is a 1/2 inch gas connection with 1 vertical and 3 horizontal venting.



You will get a manual on how to convert the natural gas to liquid propane.


You have to buy a thermostat separately.



Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Shop Garage Commercial Heater

This garage heater is hardwired with a power output of about 3000-watt/6000-watt. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It features a bracket for easier mounting.

It has 5 adjustable louvers to ensure that the heated air flows wherever you want it.

It features an adjustable thermostat that comes with high and low settings. It has an 8-inch fan that is not only dynamic but also efficient at ensuring maximum hot air flow. The level of noise and turbulence produced by the fan is also low.



The heater is UL and CUL listed for quality.
It distributes heated air evenly across a large room.


It does not come with a power cord so you need to get it separately.



King Electric GH2407TB Garage Heater

King Electric Garage Heater is designed with a bracket for ease of installation and a built-in thermostat that is adjustable so you are able to regulate the level of heat.

It is available in a gray, which is a luxurious look for stylish individuals.

It heats up to 800 square feet, making it ideal for the medium sized garage shops. It has power on and overheating indicator lights that will alert you accordingly for your safety.

It has a high and low power switch that allows you to adjust the power output easily and efficiently.

It features a spiral steel fin as the heating element. This ensures optimal heat distribution and exchange.



It has a universal bracket so you can mount it on the wall or ceiling.
It is durable.
Made in the US, meaning its high quality.
It is easy to use.


It may not be reliable if you want to heat up a super cold room fast.



Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Garage Heater

This radiant heater has a power output of 4,000-9,000-BTU. It is safe for indoor use and is highly portable thanks to its lightweight and compact design. It is also easy to store due to the hold-down handle that greatly saves on space.

It has a 4-position control that is designed with built-in Piezo igniter. It features low and high heat settings for user convenience.

As a safety measure, this heater has a high temperature wire guard. It also has a swivel regulator that allows you to set up the LP cylinder and hose easily.

The heating surface of this heater is porcelain coated so that the heat produced is spread over a larger area.

It is manufactured with a low-oxygen safety shut-off (ODS) that works alongside the tip-over safety shut-off.



The ceramic burner tile features insulation that absorbs all the shock, enhancing the longevity of the heater.
The burner tile is also easy to replace thanks to the insulation.


The overheating safety protection may not work efficiently to stop a burnout.



Fahrenheat FUH54 240-volt Garage Heater

This is an electric garage heater whose power output level is 2500-5000-watt. It is rugged and built as a heavy-duty equipment for durability.

It comes with a built-in single pole thermostat that you can adjust from 45°F to 135°F. This way, you can control how hot or warm you want the garage to be.

It is also made with a ceiling mount bracket so you can easily set it up. You can mount it horizontally or vertically.

Fahrenheat FUH54 240-volt Garage Heater comes with adjustable louvers, implying that you can direct the heat to wherever you want in the room.



It is durable.
It is pretty affordable for its quality.
It is highly efficient for small to mediums garage spaces.


The bracket may be hard to install since it does not come with bolts.



Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD Garage Heater

Are you in search of a reliable propane forced air heater that will keep you warm in your large garage? If you are, you need look no further because Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD is here for you.

Its power output is between 30,000 and 60,000 BTU, and it is able to heat up to 1,350 square feet!

It comes with a tip-over shutoff that automatically alerts you in case the heater is knocked down. It also features a backpressure switch that enhances your safety.



It comes with top-notch safety features for your protection in an indoor space.
The heat coverage area is on another level.


Limited feedback from customers.



Mr. Heater F232017 MH9BXRV Buddy Garage Heater

This grey indoor-safe and highly portable RV radiant heater might just be what you have been waiting for. It has a power output of 4,000-9,000-BTU that is ideal for use in small to medium-sized garage spaces. It will adequately heat an area of up to 225 square feet.

It features an auto shutoff function that works when the heater tips-over, if the pilot lights go off, or if the heater is in a place with low oxygen levels.



It is built for almost 100% heating efficiency.
It is sturdy for stability when set up.
It is super quiet.


It comes with a plastic part on the side, which makes it prone to breakages.
What factors should you consider when buying a garage heater?



There are numerous things that you should ask yourself before selecting a particular garage heater.

These include:


The garage size
How big is your garage? If it is slightly small, you should choose a less powerful heater so you can get just the right warmth.

Large garage spaces, on the other hand, require a powerful heater so that the heat can reach each point. Also, you might want a freestanding garage heater so you can move it around as you work.

If your garage is high, going for a fan-forced heater will help distribute the heat to the whole space.


Source of power
Garage heaters are manufactured to utilize electricity, propane, or natural gas.

Gas-powered heaters are ideal for large garage spaces because they heat up real quick and are economical for long periods of use.

Nevertheless, you need to consider the danger of using a gas cylinder in an enclosed room. You have to check it often to ensure that it is in a good working condition. You will also need to install a ventilation system to let toxic gases out.

Electric garage heaters are a good choice for small to medium spaces. You should go for them if you are looking for heating consistency. They give adequate infrared heat and superheated air.

Electric heaters also feature automatic sensors that allow you to control the heating level. The sensors will also notify you in case the heater is knocked over.


The type of heater
Infrared or radiant heaters are perfect for small spaces. This is because the amount of heat they generate is less powerful but quick.

Infrared heaters may be freestanding or wall-mounted. The wall-mounted heaters limit where you heat so you have to stay around them for warmth. Freestanding radiant heaters are most preferred since they are portable.

The fan-forced heaters are perfect for large garage spaces. This is because the heat generated can be distributed evenly throughout the room. This way, the garage stays warm for longer. What’s more, the fan-forced heater may come with a switch so you can turn the heat off. The fan, however, is left on to get rid of the stuffy air.


Power output
The power output level of gas-powered garage heaters is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit). The electric-powered garage heaters, on the other hand, have their power output indicated in watts.

For small garage spaces whose ceiling is not more than 250 feet high, you should go for 4,000 to 9,000 BTU. This amount of heat will keep the room warm enough for you to work comfortably.

For garage spaces that are over 500 feet high to 600 feet, a gas-powered heater of 25,000 BTU is sufficient. If you must use an electric a powered heater for such a garage, consider those producing 2500 – 5000 watts.

If your garage is 1,000 feet and more, we recommend that you go for a gas-powered heater whose power output is 30,000 to 60,000 BTU.


Other features
If you are looking for a fan-forced garage heater, you should buy one with adjustable louvers. This feature will allow you to control the direction the heated air should flow.

The best garage heater should have a handle for ease of portability. This way, you can carry it around without touching the burning surface. This is particularly essential for freestanding heaters as you can move them while still generating heat.

The length of the power cord or hose is also an important factor to consider. This is not a problem with propane heaters since most of them come with a 10-foot long hose.

For electric heaters, a 6-foot long cord is most common for adequate flexibility within the garage.

As you are busy working in the garage, the heater may be knocked over. As a safety measure, most heaters feature tip-off switches or sensors that alert you in the event of a knock over.

Touching the hot surface of the heater is dangerous. This is why manufacturers fix cool-touch or wire guard features for your protection.

Heaters are also designed with overheating protection so they can turn off automatically before they flameout.


Our Best Pick for Garage Heaters

Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Garage Heater is our top pick for this category. It has a power output of 4,000-9,000-BTU and features multiple safety features that include a low oxygen safety shutoff, a high temperature wire guard, and a swivel regulator. Its ceramic burner tile comes with an insulation to keep the heat under control. It is a perfect choice for small to medium garage spaces.

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