Best Leather Cleaners & Conditioners 2020 – For Great Looking Leather Car Seats

There is nothing like the look and smell of new car leather. All too soon they both tend to fade due to the various forms of environmental and user assaults. You can help maintain that new car look and smell a lot longer through the periodic use of leather cleaners and conditioners. Choosing the best leather cleaners and conditioners for your vehicle can be a challenge given the long list of brands available. Following our reviews and buyer’s guide, you will be able to sort through that list and arrive at the best choice to meet your needs.

Top Rated Best Leather Cleaner & Conditioners Reviews

Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey

An all-natural product with more than 45 years of customer satisfaction behind it is Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey. This is an affordable solution, which when properly diluted will make 32 oz. of cleaner.

You get a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product in this cleaner. It cleans real leather components as well as vinyl and plastic. This product is able to get rid of grime and stains as part of the process in restoring your leather products. In addition, this cleaner will get rid of mold and mildew issues.

Customer satisfaction over the space of 45 years speaks pretty loudly on behalf of this product.


• Cleans and restores a wide variety of natural leather products.
• Non-toxic formula for environmental safety and family health.
• Long-lasting benefits with frequent use.
• High rate of customer satisfaction for nearly half a century.
• Unlimited lifetime guarantee.


• Must be properly diluted or it will damage your leather products.
• Not for deep cleansing or conditioning.



Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

The second part to a two-part process is presented in Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. This is an affordable solution to match up with Leather Honey Cleaner to provide the best leather restoration.

You get a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product in this cleaner. It conditions and moisturizes real leather components to restore their original brilliance and suppleness. This product is able to restore the color and condition of your leather products and, when used frequently, can also providing the necessary protection from environmental and user wear.

Customer satisfaction over the space of 45 years speaks pretty loudly on behalf of this product.


• Restores and moisturizes a wide variety of natural leather products.
• Non-toxic formula for environmental safety and family health.
• Long-lasting benefits with frequent use.
• High rate of customer satisfaction for nearly half a century.
• Unlimited lifetime guarantee.


• Must be properly diluted or it will damage your leather products.
• Not for cleaning leather products.



Furniture Clinic Easy Leather Restoration Kit

You will pay a bit more for the Furniture Clinic Easy Leather Restoration Kit, but it is properly designed for the purpose it was intended. This is a specialty produce, which is made specifically for re-coloring, restoration and repair.

This kit provides you with cleaner, a re-coloring balm, sponge and cloth for cleaning and restoring the proper color to your car’s leather interior. The cleaning solution is properly formulated for cleaning and restoring high absorbent types of leather. The re-coloring balm in this kit come in seven different pigments and helps to restore the original pigment of your leather and provides environmental and user wear protection.

You get a product that comes with a satisfaction guarantee and very good value to price ratio with this kit. It makes it pretty hard to pass up, but only if your car’s leather pigmentation is compatible.


• Cleans and re-colorizes real leather finishes.
• Comes in seven different pigment options.
• Has a satisfaction guarantee.
• Excellent value to price ratio.


• Can’t use it if it doesn’t match the pigment of your car’s leather.
• Requires multiple treatments to achieve desired results.



Meguiar’s Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner and Conditioner AfMGl

A three-in-one product that is easy to use comes in the form of Meguiar’s Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner and Conditioner AfMGl . This is a budget friendly product that comes in a convenient 2-pack.

Just spray this formula onto the surfaces of your leather, faux leather or vinyl interior to clean away debris and stains as well as restore its shine. It is effective at removing soiling marks and eliminating the dullness of environmental conditions. It features a non-toxic and eco-friendly formula that is safe to use around your family and pets.

Most of the claims of this product are false ones. This is a classic cleaning, conditioning and protecting (CCP) formula, which is likely to do damage to any real leather and might not be very good for faux leather either. The warning on the front of the bottle should be a dead giveaway.


• Spray on and wipe off convenience.
• Creates a brilliant shine while cleaning away grime and scuff marks.
• Budget friendly 2-pack convenience.


• The warning, “May cause eye irritation,” on the front of the bottle speaks to its toxicity.
• Makes leather seats slippery, which is due to added waxes and d-limonene, which will breakdown and destroy leather finishes over time.



Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Not all spray-on and wipe off cleaners are bad, proven by this Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. You can clean any kind of leather with this budget priced formula.

Spray-on and wipe off convenience is included in this easy to use formula, which is not as likely to damage your leather as harsher cleaners might. Its non-toxic, eco-friendly formula makes it safer to use around your family and pets while cleaning and moisturizing your car’s leather interior to remove stains and fading. Added into this product’s formula is UVX-15 sunscreen, which helps to protect against UV rays damage.

This product does not contain the harmful toxins and leather damaging acids and chemicals of many CCP spray-on products. Its greatest drawback is that it is such a highly diluted formula that you are not likely to see results without frequent, repeated use.


• Safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly formula.
• Cleans and moisturizes without damaging leather.
• UVX-15 sunscreen helps to prevent UV damage.
• Budget-friendly price.


• Will require frequent use to see desired results.
• Spray-on applicator is faulty at best according to some users.



Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

An original equipment match (OEM) product that is well-suited to the interior of your automobile is Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. This two-part treatment set comes at a great value given its effectiveness.

Both a spray-on, leather-cleaning solution and a conditioning cream are included in this set. Each is a water-based formula that is pH balanced to prevent leather damage. The cleaner traps and lifts debris, stains and harmful oils from the pores of your leather seats. The conditioner emulsifies the leather in similar fashion that a quality lotion restores moisture to your own skin.

The performance of the products in this set is exactly what you should expect from leather cleaners and conditioners. The fact that it is OEM should be a huge indicator of its quality.


• Separate formulas for separate functions.
• pH balanced formulas prevent damage to you leather’s finish.
• OEM product for greater confidence.
• Cleans out leather pores and emulsifies it.
• Affordable price for a quality product.


• Do not spray it carelessly about your car as it will damage other non-leather surfaces.
• Not so great at removing stains.



Chemical Guys SPI_111_16 Leather Protectant Serum

Chemical Guys SPI_111_16 Leather Protectant Serum is neither a conditioner or cleaner, but is included in our reviews because it serves a purpose. This product should be used to add protective properties along with separate cleaners and conditioners rather than being combined in a single, leather-damaging CCP formula.

After cleaning and conditioning your car’s leather interior, you can apply this leather protector to provide UV protection and prevent drying, cracking and fading. It is wiped on after your leather has dried and will last from 12 to 16 months. Besides protecting against UV damage, this formula also helps to waterproof and stain-proof your leather interior.

As long as you have an understanding that this is not a cleaner or conditioner and cannot be used as such, you will be okay. Use this as it is designed to be used and it will do what it is designed to do.


• Protects against UV-caused drying, fading and cracking.
• Waterproofs and stain-proofs leather surfaces.
• Last 12 to 16 months.


• This is NOT a cleaner or conditioner.
• Does not produce a brilliant shine.



Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner Kit

Those who want an all-natural American-made leather cleaning and conditioning product should look to Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner Kit. You might pay a bit more for the set, but you will get quality results too.

This leather cleaning and conditioner kit is divided into two applications as it is supposed to be. They are both non-toxic formulas, which are designed to perform their specific functions. The leather cleaner lifts grime, stains and harmful oils from your leather seats and the leather conditioner moisturizes to get rid of cracks and fading to restore the brilliant look of your car’s interior.

You get a quality pair of formulas in this kit. It might seem a bit pricey, but it is really on par with Leather Honey and Chemical guys formulas.


• Two separate formulas for performing separate functions.
• Non-toxic and eco-friendly for safer use.
• Non-sticky, milky consistency.
• pH balanced to prevent damage to leather.
• Good value to price ratio.


• The cleaner should be labeled as No. 1 and the conditioner as No. 2, because most people clean before conditioning.
• Not particularly effective at removing stains.



Black Box “Honey Type” Leather Cleaner/Conditioner

Buying in bulk will save you some money, but this 32 oz. bottle of Black Box “Honey Type” Leather Cleaner/Conditioner will also save your leather. This body shop quality product is worth consideration.

Though this is a conditioner and cleaner combined, it is still pretty effective at both cleaning and restoring the condition of your car’s leather interior. Its formula is non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals as well as being pH balanced to prevent damage. It goes on clean and does not finish with a petroleum jelly look and feel as some conditioners do.

You will get a decent finish with this product and it is fairly cost-effective when bought in bulk. A drawback to this product is its veiled attacks on Leather Honey’s product line.


• Non-toxic formula.
• Easy and convenient application.
• pH balanced to prevent damage to leather.
• Gets the job done at an affordable price.


• Still not as good as using separate cleaner and conditioner formulas.
• Desired results will require repeated, frequent use.
• Veiled attacks in marketing are a turn-off, especially when directed at a company with more than 45 years of customer satisfaction.



Best Leather Cleaners & Conditioners FAQs

Because maintaining the leather interior components in their car is important, auto owners tend to ask a lot of questions about leather cleaners and conditioners. Having the right answers can make a difference between purchasing a quality product, an ineffective product or a product that does more harm than good. We’ve anticipated some of the most frequently asked questions and provided answer to them.

Why do you need leather cleaners & conditioners?

Leather cleaners and conditioners achieve several objectives. To begin with, they help to restore the bright look of your leather interior after it has become faded and dull. Beyond restoring your interior’s look, they also help to bring back moisture and nourish your car’s leather and get rid of cracking and dryness. This also increases overall wear and the longevity of your auto’s leather components.

How do leather cleaners & conditioners work?

The simple answer is that leather conditioners nourish the leather and keep it supple. What they are doing is helping to restore the moisture, which has been sucked out of the leather by environmental factors like UV rays, heat, cold, moisture and drying, as well as usage damage from sliding in and out or moving around on the seats. In addition, leather cleaners and conditioners help retain color pigment and provide a protective layer against the above forms of damages.

Are there various types of leather cleaners & conditioners?

Yes. There are several different types of leather cleaners and conditioners. Each type is specifically designed to clean and condition a particular type of leather, which we’ll go into in more detail in our buyer’s guide. What you need to keep in mind is that using the wrong type of leather cleaner and conditioner on the wrong type of leather can do a lot of damage.


Leather Cleaners & Conditioners Buyer’s Guide

Damage to your vehicle’s leather interior is something most owners are eager to prevent. Getting your hands on the right leather cleaners and conditioners can help prevent or even restore environmental damage or damage through usage. However, the wrong leather cleaners and conditioners can do more harm than good. Our buyer’s guide is designed to help you make the proper selection and avoid this tragedy.

Type of Leather

Because it is the most important aspect of purchasing the right leather cleaner and conditioner, we’ll begin with selecting the right product for the type of leather in your vehicle. We’ll begin by identifying the three main categories of leather used in automobile interiors and discussing, which types of products will help and those that will cause more damage or have no effect at all.

Aniline Leather

This is a moderate quality leather used in auto interiors. It is typically unfinished or raw leather made of suede or nubuck. It tends to remain soft and warm to the touch. It scratches easily and its colors fade more rapidly, which leaves behind blotches and marks as time passes. Because it is porous and sensitive to wear and staining, this type of leather is best maintained and restored using a product that includes waterproofing.

Semi Aniline Leather

This is another moderate quality of leather used by leather interior designers. It is soft and smooth to the touch and can be a bit slippery. It does not scratch easily and its colors don’t fade as quickly. Product selection is not nearly as critical as it is the hardest to damage if you choose the wrong leather cleaning and conditioning product.

Pigmented Leather

This is the highest quality of leather used in automotive applications. It is commonly top grain, full grain, split or biscal leather. It has a cooler and supple feel to it because it tends to breathe better. It does not scratch or fade easily and doesn’t tend to blotch and mark as much over time. This type of leather should be treated with the utmost respect. Avoid clean, condition and protect (CCP) type cleaners as they contain d-Limonene, which will dry out and break down the finish.

pH Formulation

Leather, regardless of type, has a neutral pH. Consequently, the formulation of the leather cleaner and conditioner you use needs to include a proper balance between alkalinity and acidity to prevent damage. Study which ingredients in the cleaner’s formula will upset pH balance before making a selection.


In addition to treating the interior finish of your automobile, you also need to keep your health, the health of your family and friends and even that of pets who are regular passengers in your vehicle. To help protect them, take a close look at the labels of various leather cleaners and conditioners and opt for products that are non-toxic.

Ease of Use

There is no doubt that spray bottles and leather wipes are a lot easier to use, but these types of quick solutions aren’t always the best. Because certain types of leather require a more intensive cleaning and conditioning approach (pigmented and aniline leather) than others, ease of use should not be one of the primary factors involved in your decision. With that said, it certainly does not hurt if there are easy to follow instructions and certain conveniences included with the product.


The bottom line on cost is that a higher quality type of leather is going to require higher quality of cleaners and conditioners, which are going to cost more. Leather type and pH balance should far outweigh cost on your list of feature priorities. Cost should only become a factor when comparing two products of equal quality, which are also specifically designed for the leather type you are working with.



You might not be able to maintain that new car look and smell of your automobile’s leather interior, but you can certainly make it last as long as possible by using the best leather cleaners and conditioners available. By following the tips in our buyer’s guide and comparing the various products in our reviews, you should be well-qualified to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing the right leather cleaner and conditioner for your car.