Ten Best Lithium Ion Jump Starters for 2020

As the driver of an automobile, at some point you are going to find yourself in a situation that calls for giving your car’s battery a jump start. When this situation arises, there are a variety of different solutions on the market that can help get you on back on the road and rolling again. If your car breaks down, why deal with the inconvenience of hassling other motorists? It could be dangerous.

A much better idea, instead, is to opt for a lithium ion jump starter — a small battery pack that can be carried in your vehicle at all times. If you’re in the middle of nowhere: no worries. You can independently recharge your own battery, with no outside help needed. Before you choose a lithium ion jump starter, you may want to compare some of the leading brands, so you know which variety is right for your needs.

Don’t just buy the first one you see — quality counts. You would be wise to do your due diligence and gather research and feedback from others who are in the know. Below, you will find some details on ten of the leading products on the market today.


Noco Genius Boost Plus

The Noco Genius Boost Plus is a powerful, yet very small lithium ion jump starter that carries a rating of 1,000 Amps. It boasts a very safe, mistake-and-spark-proof design with reverse polarity protection. This allows the jump starter to connect safely to any battery. This starter also contains a 100 lumen LED flashlight, with emergency settings in case you find yourself in an unfortunate situation.

The NOCO Genius Boost Plus is capable of charging all of your gadgets and personal electonics — as many as four simultaneous smartphones, tablets, and more. This product is capable of jump starting gas engines up to six liters and is suitable for lawnmowers and boats as well as cars.



Weego 44 Jump Starter

The Weego 44 Jump Starter is extremely portable — it can fit in the palm of your hand. In spite of its small size, it is very powerful, and is capable of jump starting seven liter gasoline engines. Weego products are guaranteed to be both designed and engineered in the United States of America. They are rigorously tested to ensure their high quality, and can sustain up to three years of standby power on a single charge.

The Weego 44 is designed with safety and utility in mind. It is spark proof, and shaped to easily reach into tight spaces. This jump starter also contains an LED flashlight and its small footprint makes it an ideal choice for camping trips or small vehicles.



Tacklife T6 Car Jump Starter

The Tacklife T6 boasts a set of improved safety features, including an upgraded lithium battery and patented smart clamps — equipped with built-in protection against reverse polarity, reverse current, over current, short circuiting, and charge protection. This is a very safe choice, even for a beginner. This model of starter is capable of jumping a 6.2 liter gas engine as many as thirty times with a single charge.

Weighing in at a very modest 1.16 pounds, this handy choice will fit comfortably into your vehicle’s glove box. It also features a DC power output, and can supply a charge to all sorts of products in and around your garage: air compressors and vacuum cleaners, just to name a few. This product also comes with a generous warranty.



DBPower 600A Portable Car Jump Starter

The DBPower 600A Portable starter comes in two color varieties: a black and yellow version, or a black and red one. This model is capable of jump starting gasoline engines up to 6.5 liters, as many as twenty times. Compact enough to store in your glove box or backseat, this jump starter has heavy duty clamps, as well as 600 amps of peak current.

It can charge smartphones via USB, and it can even fully charge your laptop with its included adapters. It is built to protect the user from all sorts of electrical dangers; and even features an LED screen so you can clearly see exactly how much power is left. The included compass is sure to come in handy in any emergency situation.



Beatit BT-D11 Portable Car Starter

The Beatit BT-D11 is a powerful piece of equipment, capable of jump starting a seven liter engine. It can provide as many as thirty jump starts per charge, and fully recharges in a mere five and a half hours. This model features dual USB ports that can be used to charge any compatible electronic devices. It also contains adequate protections against dangerous electrical currents. A built in LCD display makes it easy to see how much power remains in the jump starter. This product is protected by a rock solid two-year manufacturer’s warranty.



Gooloo 800A SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

This particular model, the Gooloo 800A SuperSafe Car Jump Starter, is particularly good at jump starting diesel engines — it is capable of jumping a diesel engine up to 5.5 liters. This capacity is increased to seven full liters when dealing with a standard gasoline engine. This units versatile dual USB ports have been designed for efficiency, and can charge your devices at a faster rate than usual.

The Gooloo SuperSafe unit also contains five advanced safety technologies that make it accident-proof and safe for anyone to use. The attached LED light has preset modes for flashlight, strobe light, and SOS — making it an excellent all around utility tool.



Suaoki U28 2000A Jump Starter Pack

The Suaoki U28 is a very powerful three in one combination unit. With a 2000 amp peak, this jump starter is capable of handling diesel engines up to eight liters in size — and ANY gasoline engine. Starting at 1000 amps of starting current and capable of immediately reaching its peak of twice that level, this powerful tool can handle all of the tasks you throw at it with ease — from the family car to a heavy-duty work truck. It can also act as a portable source of DC power to recharge just about anything you could ever need it to, on the go. This product’s safety is guaranteed by the manufacturer, and it contains cutting edge accident and spark proofing technologies to back up those claims. This is a heavy duty tool for heavy duty jobs.



Schumacher SL1 Lithium Ion Jump Starter

The Schumacher SL1 is a handy unit that combines all the utilities of a jump starter, a fuel pack, and a backup power supply into one convenient tool. This product is composed of durable yet lightweight materials, making it as much as ninety percent less heavy than lead-acid jump starters. This unit also contains dual USB ports and an ultra bright LED light for added usefulness.



Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter

The Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter has a peak current of 1200 amps, and is capable of jump starting an eight liter gas engine (or six liter diesel engine) up to thrity times per charge. This product boasts heavy duty clamps and cables, as well as reverse polarity and overload protection to help keep you safe while you are working. A multi function tool, this unit is capable of fulfilling many purposes in addition to its primary one. It can be a portable charger or an LED flashlight. It can also power appliances via a cigarette lighter adapter, making it a must have for any long road trip.



Potek Car Jump Starter

This Potek jump starter is a high performance model with a peak current of 1000 amps, 500 of which are available instantly. It’s an incredibly convenient tool to have in an emergency situation. In addition to its ability to jump start your vehicle, this item contains an150PSI air compressor than can fill a regualr car tire in six minutes. It is suitable for use with car and bicycle tires, as well as air mattresses, sports balls, and other recreational inflatables.

This unit contains a handy USB port to charge your smartphone or tablet on the go, and can also provide DC power to any 12 volt appliance. An easy to read, color coded LED indicator lets you know your battery’s charge status at a glance.


In conclusion:

There are a wide variety of lithium ion car jump starters available on the market. Whether you simply need to jump start your vehicle’s dead battery, or you need one of the many other uses for these products; you now have the information you need so you can be sure that you know what to look for. Good luck — now you can be confident while you shop for the product that is best for your needs.

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