Top Ten Best Tire Shines 2020 – Giving That Brand New Look To Your Tires

When cleaning your car, you want everything on it to look good from the roof to the tires. While you may know that need some professional quality car wash soap to clean the car exterior and products to keep your car wheels nice and shiny, but what about the tires? What do you need to use to make them look nice and add flare to the rest of your vehicle?

The short answer is tire shine. This is a product that you use on the outer portion of your side wheels to make your car look nice and crisp after a wash. After placing it on, you tires will look brand new and add pizzazz to your ride.

Of course you should not put it on the entire tire. If you do, that will impair your ability to stop. You might slide and hit another car. Just use it on the outer sidewall that you can see. Make sure to clean up any after drip as some tire shines can have a lot of grease in them. You do not want slick tires. The good news is none of the tire shine products are terribly expensive.

However, they are not the same when it comes to what they can do. Some shines do last longer than others. In this review, we will help you determine which tire shines are best to use on your tires. Hopefully, this will give you an idea and point you in the right direction in what is best for your wheels.



Ten of The Best Tire Shines On The Market


1.Stoner Car Care More Shine Tire Finish

This product gets rave reviews every time because of what it does. When using this particular tire finish, you will notice that it does not drip, and it is not greasy. It restores the tires to look like new and gives them a richer, darker look. Best of all you do not need to dry it and it won’t stain your tire. You can keep your sleek tire look through several rain storms and not draw diet and grime. All you do is just spray and walk. There is nothing needed. It is understandable why this tire finish is consider the best seller.



2. Armor All Ultra Shine Tire & Trim Shine Sponges (8 Sponges) in 1 Box

Armor All has been around forever and there is a reason for that. It continues to be one of the best products on the market. The reviews are always raving about how wonderful this tire shine works on tires. In this case, this Armor All product not only comes with the shine but eight sponges for your use. All of the sponges are pre-moistened, so you do not have to worry about any dripping or marks on your driveway. Plus, you get good precision because you are the one placing the shine on the outer tire wall. Once again Armor All has come up with something brilliant to keep the customers coming back.



3. Adam’s Tire Shine

This product offers a water-based non-greasy solution to having lustrous liking tires. It will give your outer wall a darker and rocker look. Although, this formula will not sling all over the place when sprayed, you do need to use an applicator to smooth it out. Then you might have to add multiple layers depending on the tire. Afterwards, you will be satisfied with the shine you get. This product does last for a while. So it might be what you are looking for.



4. Chemical Guys Tire Kicker Extra Glossy Tire Shine

There is a tradition that some people do that when they get a new car. They go around to kick the tires of the other vehicles to symbolize an important purchase. The tires are always nice and shiny on these vehicles. With this extra glossy tire shine you can recreate that same tradition without the shine getting on your shoes. The Chemical Guys put this formula together so that not only your tires would shine, but if you have a black bumper, vinyl, or any car part that needs a boost, just apply the tire shine to it and watch the magic happen. Your vehicle will look very nice. You can kick your tires after you apply the gloss for that long lasting finished shine. By the way, it has a banana scent.



5. Griot’s Garage Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating

The neat features about this tire shine is the can provides spray control, and the shine has long lasting durability through washing or rainwater. You do not have to worry about overspraying because the can does not allow it. So you can put it on and if it rains your tires will still shine. After several car washes, your tires will still shine. It has a hard-wearing formula. This Black Shine Tire & Trim coating can even be used on wheel wells.



6. Aero Cosmetics Rubber Care

Here we have something very unique in terms of a tire shine product. It does not provide a tire shine. Instead you get a dark satin matte look that makes one think you got a shiny tire. This chemical does not give a wet appearance so it last longer and does not attract dirt. You know this product is good because it is used on aircraft tires such as the Boeing 737. It is safe to use on weather stripping. Why use automotive tire shines, when you can use Rubber Care? You can get that new long lasting tire look without the wet shine.



7. Chemical Guys Blue Guard II Wet Look Premium Dressing

The Chemical Guys are back but this time with a dressing. You can put this on your tires along with your bumpers, door trims, mirror trims, and window moldings. So not only do your tires shine but the other black parts of your vehicle as well. It is good to have a multi-purpose tire shine. It saves you money in the long run. Plus, it last long so you are not constantly applying it. Even though it is blue in color, you get a dark shiny finish. You can get the spray bottle and keep it, so when you run out you can refill it with the gallon jug that is offered. This way, you won’t run out so fast. You have to like the multiple uses you get from this one.



8. Meguiar’s Hot Shine Tire Shine

What makes this tire shine stand out from the rest is its unique ability to be sprayed on thick, and it spreads by itself. You get a premium set look that will last a very long time. It has to be sprayed on, you can not use a clothe on it. If you do, it won’t gloss right. So just spray it and watch it go to work on it’s own. You do not have to worry about brown spots or damage to your wheels. It is recommended that you spray this tire shine on the outer walls and not the entire tire. This is a really good tire shine option.



9. Lucas Oil Slick Mist Tire and Trim Shine

Lucas Oil is a simple water-based blend. It does offer a slick finish, which is why it should be sprayed on the outer tire walk only. Any mess should be cleaned up to keep it from getting on bottom part of the tires. However, it will leave your tires looking really nice and shiny. It will give them that showroom look, which is what you are going for. Lucas Oil really does the job.



10. Surf City Garage Beyond Black Tire Pro Spray

This Black Tire Pro Spray gives the tire a wet look without the grease when sprayed on, but does not attract dirt. This is good because for some tire sprays dirt is a serious magnet. Your tires get UV protection from the sun which helps to extend the life of your tire. If you are seriously looking to make your tires look nice and get as much out of them as possible, this is the tire shine to look into. There is no gel or sling either.



Three Real Benefits Of Using Tire Shine Products

Using these tire shine products comes with with at least three real benefits:


Sun Protection-

Your tires will last longer if the sun is not helping to wear out the tread. The sun rays tend to turn the tires a brownish color and mess up the drywall. Using a tire shine with UV protection prevents that from happening.


Makes The Tires Shiny

When you wash your car and have it all waxed down and shining, it does stick out when you have dull looking tires. So you want them to shine too. There is nothing like driving in a car that looks like luxury because you took the time to clean it from the roof to the wheels.


The Tires Stay Shining

Depending in which tire shine you use, your tires will stay looking pretty nice. You can tell when you got the right product when you have washed your car or gone through the rain and you tires still give that rich dark glossy look. That is less work on you because you do not have to constantly apply tire shine every time.


Applying tire shine

As far as how you should apply tire shine to your tires, that is up to you. There are some that come with the sponges are already moistened for you to just wipe the tire with. Also, there are some that you just spray and let the gloss spread by itself. Either way, not much effort really goes into putting tire shine on the tire. Just make sure if you use a greasy one to just wipe up the mess and stick to putting it on the outer tire wall. Otherwise, you are in for a very bad accident.

Hopefully this list has given you ideas about what type of tire shine may be right for you. You should check into these because all of them are very good At least one however, is right for you to use. You can not go wrong with what is on this list and it should get you going in the right direction to head in when it comes to buying tire shine for your tires. So look and see for yourself what works best and go with it. Before you know it, you tires will be looking brand new again.

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