Ten Best Winter Wiper Blades 2020 – Reviews Of All The Best Wipers Available

When it comes to buying a car, the wiper blades featured are not the first thing most people are concerned about. However, for people living in snow prone areas, wipers are a feature you cannot simply ignore. The winter also gets most thinking about their cars’ wiper blades.

Wiper blades are among the car components that help you to maintain road safety because they keep the windscreen clean giving you a perfect view of the road. They will get rid of snow, dust, and other types of dirt that could compromise your visibility.

You should know there are winter wiper blades and all-weather wiper blades. While the former are specialized for the winter season only, the latter can work in any weather.

The winter wiper blades come with a covered framework and are heavier and thicker to enhance their ability to handle heavy snow or an ice buildup.

Additionally, the best winter wiper blades should come with water repellant features. Their attachments should also be compatible with most wiper arms for ease of installation.


Check out our top 10 winter wiper blades with respect to the above considerations.


Top 10 Best Winter Wiper Blades Reviews


Rain-X 5079281-2 Wiper Blades

These latitude 2-in-1 water repellent wiper blades are 26 inches long. They come with a patented universal adapter that makes the compatible with 96 percent of the wiper arms in various vehicle models.

They feature an advanced beam blade construction; they are efficient despite the rain or snow intensity. To enjoy the best results from these blades, clean the windshield at a medium speed for about two to three minutes.

They are designed to utilize the rain-x water repelling innovation. This will ensure that your windscreen is smooth and clean even in the most severe winter condition. The technology works by making the water to bead up and roll down the windshield.

The durability of the blades is achieved by using premium graphite coating alongside quality blended synthetic rubber squeegee to make them.



ANCO WX-26-UB Winter Extreme Beam Wiper Blade

These 26-inch winter wiper blades might just be the best brand in the market. They are designed with the arctic armor hydrophobic shield that ensures the falling ice or snow does not build up on your windscreen.

You also do not have to worry about ice scraper damage because the blades are designed with metal reinforced end caps. This not only protects them but also enhances their strength.

The ANCO WX-26-UB winter wiper blades are manufactured with the articulated contact spoiler technology. This ensures that the contact between the blades and the windscreen is optimal.

These blades are high performing thanks to the Geo Core innovation and the DuraKlear Plus technology that leave your windscreen ultra-smooth for better visibility in bad weather.



ANCO 30-18 Winter Wiper Blade

These 18-inch winter wiper blades are made in an exclusive and specialty design that makes them durable and effective at cleaning your windshield.

The manufacturer features the DuraKlear unique rubber compound that ensures the blades are flexible despite the severity of the weather.

The wipe obtained is streak-free and the cleanliness is consistent to give you clear visibility while driving. What better way to ensure your safety on the road when it is snowing other than using a wiper that enhances your visibility.

They feature a rugged rubber cover that protects the heavy-duty frame. This ensures that the freezing joints are safe from the slush that could damage them.

They are compatible with over 95 percent of the vehicle models in the market. As such, they are easy to install and replace.



All Season Universal Windshield Wiper Blade

Are you looking for all-season wiper blades that will firmly adhere to the windshield of your car? If you are, you need search no further because the All Season Universal Wiper Blade is designed just for you. It is made in a multifunctional design that makes it ideal for all kinds of weather.

They will give the windscreen a streak-free wipe for enhanced visibility even in the worst weather state.

They work on 99 percent of all vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, as well as SUVs. This wiper blade is available in a wide range of sizes from 24 inches to 17 inches. The package also features Al’s liner ALS-WB24.

The blade is manufactured from high quality materials that are resistant to damages caused by ultraviolet rays and other weather elements.

Its lifespan is more than 50 percent that of the convectional types.



TRICO Chill 37-160 Extreme Weather Winter Wiper Blade

This is the best wiper blade for extreme weather performance. You can safely drive while it is snowing or raining heavily. It comes with a durable metal frame that makes it strong enough to wipe off snow.

It is easy to install and fits a large variety of vehicles. It is available in a wide range of blade sizes whose length is 11 inches to 28 inches.

The wiper blades are made with accurately cut natural rubber that wipes the windshield surface clean. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a list of vehicles whose wiper arms are compatible with the blades.



Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade

Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade features up to 40 percent longer life, surpassing most ordinary blade types. The beam blades are 26 inches long and come with enclosed tension springs. This gives the blades the flexibility and effectiveness you are looking for.

The exclusive tension spring arcing technology gives the blades a customized contour fitting to the wiper arms.

The blades feature a patented OE technology since they are made from high quality FX dual rubber. This material is also able to resist damage by Ozone compounds and heat.

The beam blades also come with a shielded connector that ensures the visibility is optimized despite the severity of the weather.



Rain-X 5079274-2 Latitude Wiper Blade

This 2-in-1 winter wiper blade is a perfect choice for use in the rainy season. They come in a water repellent technology that creates a large surface area for the water droplets to form beads and then roll off the windshield amazingly. Basically, the windshield will repel the water for efficient wiping. This leaves it smooth and clean so you can see the road clearly as you drive.

The beam blade also comes with a patented universal adapter that fits about 96 percent of all the cars in the market. It is easy to install so you don’t need help from a professional after purchase.

The blade is available in a wide variety of sizes that range from 14 inches to 28 inches. Its quality is guaranteed; it is the 2017 Product of the Year Winner in the category of Car Care.



Michelin 8519 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade

This stealth ultra windscreen wiper blade comes with a smart technology to enhance its efficiency. It is 19 inches long and made with a multi-section hard cover for strength and durability. This enables the blades to clean off compounds from the windshield surface without any snow, ice, or debris clogging it.

Its design defines toughness and is tested for an enhanced performance, which is 500,000 cycles. It is designed with smart hinge joints so it can cling to the windshield for operation efficiency.

The ends of the blade are made with independent suspension so you can adjust its shape for a better grip of the windshield.



Michelin 8028 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade

This blade comes with a Smart Flex design that allows it to adjust easily to the shape of the windshield for wiping efficiency. This comes in handy when the weather is harsh.

It is 28 inches long and has a sleek aerodynamic cover that protects it against any possible clogging with ice, snow, or other elements. It has an independent suspension that will adjust to the curves of your windshield effectively. This way, each end of the wiper blade will be in touch with the windscreen.

It features an EZ Lok connector system that allows you to replace the blade easy and fast.

This beam blade has gone through multiple independent tests that have confirmed it can achieve up to 300,000 wipe cycles.



ASLAM 26″ + 18″ OEM Wiper Bladed

These are the best quality all season beam windshield wiper blades. They are a dual mounted type and come in a set of 2.

They have also undergone adequate quality control tests and are up to standard. Their blades are made from high quality and specially blended rubber. This enhances the use-life of the blades while allowing them to make a clean swipe on the windshield.

They will leave your windscreen smooth for better road visibility. As such, you won’t have to worry about chattering with these blades.

While these winter wiper blades will fit most vehicle models, some users, especially those driving the 2008 BMW 328i coupe, find it difficult to install them. They come in different sizes, allowing you to choose depending on your vehicle type.



Winter Wipers Buyers Guide


Factors to Consider When Buying Winter Wiper Blades

Attachment – When buying any wiper blades, you ought to consider how they fit with the attachment arms of your car. It is best to get the one-size-fits-all types so you can readily install them after un-boxing.

Framework – The winter wiper blades should feature a closed framework for ease of snow or ice buildup removal. The framework is in most occasions covered with rubber or plastic.

Water repellents – The best winter wiper blades are designed with water repelling compounds like silicone. The chemicals are used to coat the windscreen as they wipe it clean. The water droplets will in turn have a large surface area, which enhances the efficiency of the blades.

Blades – The blades should be made of rubber or silicone so they can remove wet compounds efficiently without leaving behind a wet windscreen or one with streaks.

What are the Different Types of Wiper Blades?

When buying winter wiper blades, you need to know the types available in the market first. Usually, the types will vary depending on the vehicles in which they are installed.

For instance, the single mount wiper blades are ideal for large automobiles like trucks and buses. This is because they come with a large motor whose power can adequately operate a super long wiper blade.

The dual mounted wiper blades, on the other hand, are found in passenger and personal vehicles. These feature two blades that are installed on either sides of the car.

There are specialized wiper blades that are designed to work in certain weather conditions like summer or winter wiper blades. You will find all-weather wiper blades that can work under any weather condition.

In this article, we have covered 10 of the best wiper blades in the market. We have highlighted the features to expect in them.



When is the Right Time to Invest in New Wiper Blades?

Like any other product, wiper blades may experience some problems that will force you to replace them.


Such situations are:

– When you notice your car’s wiper blades are skipping and splitting certain areas rather than making a smooth wipe over the whole surface.

– When the wiper blades complete their operation but you still notice streaks on the windshield.

– When you feel a certain screeching sound from the wiper blades as the windscreen becomes wet.

– There you have it. What are your thoughts about our list of the best winter wiper blades in the market?


Do you have ideas that you think should be included in the article? Feel free to share your comments and inquiries with us.

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