Ten Best Portable Tire Inflators For 2020

What most people do not know is that any part of a car can break down at any place and time. However, this case often affects tires because they experience wear and tear on different road terrains. A tire might also flatten any time due to a number of reasons. Once you get a flat, you will need to have a tire inflator with you so that you can inflate it and get back on the road.


Driving on deflated tires makes your vehicle consume more fuel since it loses its optimum driving power. Under such scenarios, the tires can also be punctured easily. Fortunately, you can avoid all these inconveniences of being stranded for hours waiting for a mechanic if you have a portable tire inflator with you.


With a portable inflator, you can inflate your deflated or under-inflated tire and drive to the nearest mechanic shop. If you are looking for a portable tire inflator and you do not know what to look for, we have listed ten of the best portable tire inflators that you could consider acquiring. We have also created a buying guide to help you choose the tire inflator that best suits your needs.


What to Consider When Buying a Portable Tire Inflator

If you want to buy a good portable inflator, here are the things to keep in mind.



If you experience tire inflation, you will want to inflate the tires automatically so that you do not have to use more effort to get the tire inflated. Moreover, the automatic operation will do away with the human error. All you need to do is set the inflator and your tires will be inflated in seconds. However, there are also those portable inflators that feature analog setup where you manually set it to inflate your tires. Such inflators come at a slightly lower price and are more versatile than automatic ones.


Portability and Storage

It is most likely that you will carry the tire inflator in your vehicle so that during emergencies you can easily access it and inflate your tire before you reach the nearby mechanic shop to mend the problem. As a result, you will need to check the compactness of the tire inflator you are about to purchase. Just like weight, check its size because there are some that need a bigger space for keeping them at home. Make sure you purchase one that is small enough to spare the space in your trunk.


Inflation Time

If you are looking for a portable tire inflator for your car tires, make sure you check how long it takes to inflate small, medium, as well as large vehicle tires fully. This will give you a clue of how long you can expect to wait before your flat tire is filly inflated. The faster the inflator fills a tire the better.


Tire Size

Some tire inflators can inflate both large and small tires while others cannot inflate large tires. It is crucial that you pick a tire inflator that can inflate the size of tires that you have. Otherwise, you will end up buying an inflator that you will not use.


Duty Cycle

This refers to the complete amount of time the tire inflator will take to cool after it has been used. The longer the duty cycle, the longer you will have to wait before using the inflator once more. If the tire inflator you intend to buy reads 50 percent duty cycle, then it means you can use it nonstop without waiting for it to cool down.



You can imagine the damage that can be done if your fully filled tire bursts. If you are nearby, you can be injured due to the pressure produced while it bursts. As such, it is essential that you check for an auto shut-off feature on the tire inflator you are intending to buy so that it does not over-inflate and burst out your tire. Moreover, over inflation may lead to a tiny puncture in the previously punctured point.



10 Best Portable Tire Inflators You Should Consider Buying


DBPOWER 12V DC Portable Electric Auto Air Compressor Pump

With this portable tire inflator in your trunk, you can confidently inflate all types of tires and inflatables that need air pressure to function perfectly. It features a black and yellow combination case that makes it a sturdy device to have in your vehicle. It requires a 12V DC power source to give air pressure of up to 150 PSI successively.

This portable air inflator comes with three nozzles that effectively support high airflow while being flexible to inflate various things apart from tires. Its display is analog and it is accompanied by a 12-feet long cable that helps you to inflate all tires easily.



Model: AP0613

Weight: 2.5lbs



P.I. Auto Store – Premium 12V DC Tire Air Compressor Pump

The P.I. Auto Store tire inflator features a sturdy robust design with a premium appearance. In addition to its inflating purposes, it doubles up as an emergency torch that will greatly help you when you are inflating your tires in a pitch black night. It requires a 12V DC power source to inflate your tires with a constant airflow of 35 L/min.

This air compressor inflates all types of tires be they those fitted to bicycle, motorcycle, or a vehicle. Interestingly, it gets them inflated within minutes. Besides tires, it also inflates several sports inflatables like footballs. It uses an LCD display screen to help you pre-set the pressure needed and it automatically shuts off once the set pressure is attained.



Model: PIAS003

Weight: 2.05lbs




This portable air inflator features a small tank the makes it easy to be carried around to meet your emergency requirements. It also contains a drainage valve that makes water drainage stress-free. The oil-free pump, on the other hand, is long lasting to guarantee you zero maintenance.

This oil-free and completely shrouded air inflator delivers 2.0SCFM at 90 PSI that allows quick duty cycle time. This inflator works with as low as 12V power, making it easy to inflate your tires even in harsh weather conditions.



Model: CMB15

Weight: 20lbs



EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

The EPAuto portable air compressor features a compact design that is suitable enough to carry around with ease. It only requires a Cigarette Lighter Socket to kick-start it to inflate a deflated tire in minutes. It can inflate various sizes of tires except for truck tires.

You can preset the pressure required to KPA, PSI, or KG with the help of the LCD display. The bright emergency torch can come in handy when inflating your tire during the night when you can’t see. The auto shut off component will shut off the air pressure once the set pressure is reached to prevent over-inflation.


Brand: EPAuto

Model: AT-010-1Z

Weight: 3.81



AstroAl Digital Tire Inflator

The AstroAl Digital Tire Inflator features a pressure gauge and can inflate up to a 250-PSI unit. It comes packaged with different nozzles that allow you to inflate different vehicle tires. It has a rubber hose that is insulated with extra thick material for superior performance.

It is constructed from high-quality stainless steel and brass for durability and is compact enough to carry along with you. Its backlit LCD makes it possible to see readings even at night. The units can be changed to PSI, KPA, or KG/CM2 whichever readings suit you.


Brand: AstroAl

Model: 75691038360

Weight: 0.5lbs



Tcisa Portable Air Compressor Pump

This portable Air inflator comes with unique features. For instance, the smart preset inflation gauge helps in presetting the required pressure. Once the pressure set is attained, it shuts off automatically to prevent over-inflation. It conveniently works with a 12V cigarette lighter socket to inflate tires at an impressive rate of 35 L/min.

It comes with three adapters to inflate different inflatables like balls, PVC boats, and car tires of different sizes. Its bright 4 pcs LED light enables easy operation in the dark to avoid any accidents. The premium rubber protector and durable metal body ensure it lasts longer.


Brand: Tcisa

Model: TSA-AC

Weight: 5.09lbs



Helteko Portable Air Compressor Pump

This is a digital air inflator that can work using the 12V power source to compress air up to 150PSI. It is designed to inflate different tires and inflatables like footballs, basketballs among others. Helteko also features an inbuilt LED light and a unique emergency light to make it easy to operate even in dark areas or at night.

This tire inflator is equipped with an auto shut-off to prevent over-inflation and an over-heat protector that protects the pump from damage and makes it safe to use.


Brand: Helteko

Model: 43312-10367

Weight: 2.58lbs



Tire Inflator Tacklife 12V Air Compressor Pump

This portable air inflator features an upgraded motor and pump that helps inflate tires and other inflatables faster and efficiently to save time. It comes with four different nozzle adaptors to meet various inflation needs. It can inflate car and bikes’ tires, balls, and air beds among other inflatables.

The backlit digital LCD screen makes it easy to know whether you have reached the desired PSI level. Its auto shut-off feature will automatically switch off the pressure to prevent over-inflation. Since it features a compact design, it is easy to lift and keep in your trunk.



Model: ACP1C

Weight: 4.43lbs



JACO SmartPro Digital Tire Inflator Pump

JACO SmartPro features an ultra-compact design that allows easy lifting and storage in your trunk. Its Smart pressure technology allows you to pre-set the desired pressure unit and the auto shut-off feature will stop it when the pressure unit is reached.

Its 24-inch hosepipe features a twist-connect nozzle to make sure it seals the tire valve effectively. This portable air inflator is efficient enough and can compress air at a remarkable rate of 25L/min.


Brand: JACO

Model: JSP-008

Weight: 2.05lbs



Oasser Air Compressor Electric Inflator

The Oasser portable air inflator features 22000mAh large battery capacity that is rechargeable to help inflate your tires fast. It also features an LCD digital screen that helps you to preset tire pressure to what your tires require.

With a maximum inflatable pressure of 130PSI, this handheld air compressor is perfect for bicycles, motorbikes, and all small and medium-sized cars and SUVs. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use while holding it in one hand.


Brand: Oasser

Model: P2

Weight: 3.4lbs




The kind of portable air inflator you will want to buy will entirely depend on the size of your vehicle’s tires. Whichever air compressor you have decided to buy, ensure it has all the features you want. If you want to inflate other inflatables other than your car tires, you should check the nozzles available that will allow your inflator to be multi-purpose to fulfill all your desires.

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